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MessageSujet: courrier reçu   Jeu 12 Jan 2012 - 14:06

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  • Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am writing you on behalf of The Rose Company, with a business
    proposal. The Rose Company is based in Port Lairge, Ireland, the
    largest, richest and most successful town in the English-speaking world,
    and we specialize in the wholesale export of whiskey, Ireland's liquid

    What we offer.
    1. The Rose Company can produce large quantities of Casks of Irish
    Whiskey at a starting price of 150 pounds per Cask. The larger the
    order, the lower a price we can negotiate. We have experience in
    successfully handling large orders and Port Lairge has recently
    concluded the sale of over 70 Casks of Whiskey to foreign importers.
    2. We are a production and wholesale company, not yet a shipping
    company, so the transportation of our Whiskey has to be handled
    separately. While ideally you, the contractor, are responsible for
    getting the Whiskey to your location, we do have some contacts with
    shipping companies and if necessary, we will do our best to contract a
    third party shipping company to get our goods to your location.
    3. We are a new, but rapidly growing company and are focused on the
    future and on the long term. We enjoy the support of the Town Council
    and our shareholders and are not interested in a one-time deal, but in
    long term, mutually profitable relations. We are reliable, dependable
    and professional.
    4. While we specialize in exporting Whiskey, we are always interested in
    additional business opportunities. If you want to import regular goods
    from Ireland, let us know which goods, at what price and quantity, and
    we can arrange a deal. In addition: if you are interested in selling
    luxury or regular goods to us, let us know the price and we will do our
    best to locate wholesale buyers for your goods in Ireland, acting as
    your middlemen.

    What is in it for you?
    1. Acting as the middlemen for our Whiskey, you can resell the Casks to
    your citizens and make a healthy profit for your town or County. If you
    dream big, you can even turn your town into the staple port for your
    entire region, selling our fine Whiskey to distant ports and towns.
    2. Forget the profit you can make reselling our Whiskey, think about the
    opportunities which present itself by portraying your town as a hub for
    a larger trade network. Think about all the ships and traders you can
    lure to your town with promises of luxury goods. If you play your cards
    right, you can turn your town into a haven for entrepreneurs from across
    the region, bringing in opportunities for growth.
    3. As previously mentioned, we are a serious, dedicated company,
    committed to long term goals. We are not just interested in a one-time
    deal, but in a lasting trade partnership where we repeat earlier,
    mutually profitable deals and where we let our creativity and
    professionalism lead us to new ventures and opportunities.

    Trusting to have informed you sufficiently, hoping to be doing business with you in the near future,

    On behalf of the Board of Directors of The Rose Company,

    Grigori de la Rosa,
    CEO of The Rose Company
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